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Does Sexual Decline Make Your Partner Think You’re Having an Affair?

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Does your low sex drive make your partner think you’re having an affair? Research shows this happens a lot even though it’s not always true. Here’s how to stop your partner from getting the wrong impression about your sexual decline.

Last Updated: 12/13/2022

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Kimberly Wilkes

Sexual decline is common in many men and is usually the result of sexual aging, but both physical and mental factors can cause low sex drive. Even so, your partner might not understand what’s going on and get the wrong impression.

Let’s take a look at how sexual partners feel about a man’s sexual decline.

They May Think You’re Not Attracted To Them Anymore 

If you’re having trouble in the bedroom, your partner might start to think you’ve lost that loving feeling, even if it’s not true. According to an article published in Nature Reviews Urology, sexual decline can lead to a partner feeling confused and less desirable, causing low self-esteem.1  

Your Partner May Get Suspicious

Research has found that poor sexual function can trigger suspicions in your partner that you’re having an affair.1 This can lead to feelings of betrayal that are completely unjustified. 

It is true that often when a man cheats on his partner, he feels guilt and shame, and this can lead to problems with sexual function. Feeling bad about cheating on a sexual partner can distract a man during sex. 

But that does not mean that because your partner is having problems in the bedroom that he’s having (or had) an affair. There are plenty of other reasons why a guy’s sexual function isn’t up to par. 

These may include either physical or mental reasons including:

With all these other reasons for sexual decline besides cheating, it’s important not to be accusatory when broaching the subject with your significant other.

Communicate with Each Other 

If your sex drive is low, it’s important to communicate with your partner what’s going on rather than pretend it’s not happening. Otherwise, you could end up with a frustrated partner and a sexless relationship.

It’s also a good idea to go to the doctor to get checked out and let your partner know the result of your doctor's visit. The more you can share with your partner, the more comfortable they’ll feel.