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The Phoenix

  • Eliminates the need for pills, injections, or surgery by fixing the root cause
  • None of the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals
  • Clinically-proven technology with more than a decade of success
  • Same FDA registration as devices used in clinics
  • Order online for discreet delivery to your door (no prescription needed)
  • Perform treatments on your schedule, wherever is most convenient
  • Designed to deliver 70 clinical-strength treatments ($35,000 in-clinic)

  • The Phoenix handheld Li-ESWT device
  • Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Treatment Tip
  • AC Power Cord (81-inch cable)
  • 1 Packet of Heat Shield (Single-Use, Water-Based)
  • 1 Packet of Topical Numbing Cream (Single-Use, if Needed)
  • Detailed, Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • 24/7 Support from US-based Experts

  • In stock, ready for discreet delivery to your door
  • Orders are processed within a few business days
  • 60-day home trial (starts date of delivery)
  • If it’s not for you, return shipping is on us
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Add ProGuard $97

Protect your Phoenix from accidental damage, loss, or failure for an entire year.

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Is this the new Viagra?

Clinical-grade power


Trusted by doctors

Safe for home-use

Over a 90% success rate

US-based support

93% of men report significant improvement to their sexual health.

*According to our own independent customer surveys

Still not sure if you`re a good candidate?

Better sexual health for every man. Without a clinic.

  • Restores optimal blood flow
  • Reverses sexual decline and dysfunction due to aging
  • Grows new blood vessels for better erections
  • Dissolves plaque for unrestricted blood flow

Combat existing issues and prevent future ones.

Men start to lose blood flow to the penis naturally through the process of aging.

Trusted by over 12,000+ guys and their partners

Reviews verified by yotpo

Delivers what no other treatment option can

No other treatment in the sexual health space can treat the underlying cause for men: poor blood flow.


Must be taken every time you have sex

Prescription required

Side effects

Decreases in effectiveness over time

Doesn’t treat root cause


High cost per injection

Unknown long-term risks

Side effects, like bruising


Doesn’t treat root cause

Rings & Pumps

Must be taken every time you have sex

Prescription required

Side effects

Decreases in effectiveness over time

Doesn’t treat root cause

The Phoenix

Safe & effective

Treats the underlying cause

Has no side effects

No prescription required

Easy at-home use

Proven, clinical-grade technology

The Phoenix delivers the same Li-ESWT used in-clinic by thousands of doctors around the world. Now it’s available in a home-use device for the first time ever.

Stainless Steel Treatment Tip

Hybrid tip geometry optimizes acoustic coupling and placement for clinical-grade results.

Stainless Steel Treatment Tip

Hybrid tip geometry optimizes acoustic coupling and placement for clinical-grade results.

Performing treatments at home is easy


Order Your Phoenix

No prescription or doctor’s appointment required. Your order is shipped fast and discreetly to your home.


Perform Treatments

Performing treatments at home is safe, easy, and only requires 20 minutes, twice a week.


Repair and Recover

Powerful sound waves penetrate the tissue of the penis to dissolve plaque and foster angiogenesis, the growth of healthy new blood vessels.


Experience Results

Depending on your current condition, most guys experience noticeable improvement in 90-120 days, while some experience results much sooner.

Need more convincing?


of men will experience blood flow loss as they age


of men over 40 will experience ED by their 40th birthday


partners of men over 40 noticed a performance decline, but didn’t say anything


of men who use The Phoenix report noticeable results

Try The Phoenix for 60 days.

If it’s not for you, return shipping is on us.

Includes everything you need to get started

The Phoenix Classic comes in a kit with everything you need to start performing treatments at home.

The Phoenix

Handheld self-treatment device that emits the same acoustic waves delivered in clinics and doctors’ offices in the comfort of your own home.

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Tip

A custom, calibrated metal surface that emits sound waves at a precise frequency while moving around the treatment area.

AC Power Adapter

Powers The Phoenix for the duration of each treatment. 81-inch power cord for freedom of motion.

Packet of Heat Shield

One single-use water-based packet. Helps The Phoenix gently glide across the surface of the skin in the treatment area.

The Phoenix weighs 3.3 pounds and is 12.5 inches in length, 3 inches in height, and 5.5 inches in width.

The Phoenix includes a detailed instruction manual, as well as video instructions.

You’re covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to exchange your device if it’s defective. You can also purchase our optional extended warranty, which gives you coverage for one year. Your extended warranty begins after your 60-day money-back guarantee ends.

Our 60-day money-back guarantee allows you to return your device for a refund within 60 days of receiving it. We will also exchange your device during this same period if it’s defective.

60 days after your order is delivered, all sales are final.

Orders will be subject to a $75 disposal fee if returned.

Damaged products cannot be returned. For this reason, we recommend disassembling and cleaning your Phoenix after every use and storing it in the included box for safekeeping. We do not recommend storing your Phoenix upright on an elevated surface because the device can be damaged if it tips or falls over.

If your product was damaged during shipping, please let us know right away.

To initiate a return, send an email to for a return authorization.

The Phoenix includes a stainless steel tip, an AC power adapter, one packet of Heat Shield lubricant, one packet of Topical Numbing Cream, and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. You can purchase additional accessories (including medical-grade penis pumps) here.

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