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They all say “I’m fine”
in the bedroom

Sexual decline affects every man. It's a scientific fact.

The Phoenix is the world’s first device to reverse sexual decline, improve sexual performance, and maintain your best at any age.

Every man can benefit from The Phoenix

The effects of declining sexual health are different for every man, but get worse with age. There hasn’t been a way to prevent the decline, until now.

  • AGE 18

    Sexual decline starts

  • AGE 30

    Mild to moderately softer

  • AGE 40

    Noticeable decline in firmness

  • AGE 50

    Significant to complete loss of rigidity

“...optimize performance in the bedroom.”

“The next billion dollar product”

“ absolute gamechanger”

The science isn’t new, but the technology is

The Phoenix uses patented shockwave therapy or Li-ESWT (Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy) to restore performance and reverse sexual decline in men. This technology has been around for decades, but now available in a home-use device for the first time ever.

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Safe and effective

The Phoenix requires no medical professional interaction, and can be safely used at home without training.

No prescriptions

No supplements, pills, or prescriptions needed. Simply receive your device and start performing treatments.


The Phoenix delivers the same results as in-clinic shockwave therapy treatments, for a fraction of the price.

Easy treatments

Performing treatments yourself is generally painless, convenient, and requires zero medical training.

Performing treatments is easy

Performing treatments at home is safe, easy, and only requires 20 minutes, twice per week.

  • Perform Treatments

    Performing treatments at home is safe, easy, and only requires 20 minutes, twice per week.

  • Repair and Recover

    Safe, effective soundwaves travel through the tissue, activating the body’s natural response to restore performance.

  • Experience Results

    Depending on your current condition, most guys experience noticeable improvement in 90-120 days, while some experience results much sooner.

Benefits you’ll notice

Whatever your age or sexual health level is now, it can be improved.

Noticeably better sexual health

You, and your partner will notice a difference in your sexual health.


Perform your best in the bedroom at any age, with the power of shockwave therapy.

Reverse and prevent sexual decline

Sexual decline happens to every man, but now it doesn’t have to.


treatments performed

3 simple steps to better sexual health

Step 1

Take the quiz

Start by taking the assessment to gauge your current sexual wellness scores, and if you’re a candidate for The Phoenix.

Step 2

Get The Phoenix

No prescription required. Your order is shipped fast and discreetly to your home.

Step 3

Start treatments

Performing treatments at home is safe, easy, and only requires 17 minutes, twice per week.

Hear it from experts

Dr. Paul Thompson

"94% of men report noticeable results with my 120-day Li-ESWT protocol. My clinic has used this technology for over a decade with roaring success, finally treatments are more convenient and affordable.”

Stephanie Wolff

"Getting softer is just the beginning for aging men. Sexual decline is no joke and it will haunt every man as he ages.”

Dave Asprey

“The Phoenix produces a very noticeable difference, even if things already work great!"

Caitlin V.

"This technology has already been available for years, but you had to travel to a clinic and pay up to 3 grand for treatments.”

Jay Campbell

“It is an ESSENTIAL tool for men who want to optimize and enhance their wellness as they age."

Will Pounder

"I use this personally and it’s all I use to help me perform 1-3 scenes per day.”

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