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5 Awkward Questions Urologists Get The Most

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Feeling embarrassed about asking your urologist a question? Don’t be. Chances are good they’ve heard it before.

Last Updated: 12/13/2022

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Kimberly Wilkes

It can feel embarrassing to share your concerns about your private parts with a urologist. But there’s not much that this type of doctor hasn’t heard before. For example, here are five of the most common questions that guys ask urologists the most. 

1. How do I know if I should be worried about my problems in the bedroom?

It’s common for men who are aging to suffer from sexual decline, especially men over 40.1 If you’re softer than you used to be or unable to take sex to a successful conclusion, get a complete check up with your urologist. They can tell you if your sexual decline is linked to other medical problems such as heart disease,2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. The problem tends to get worse with aging, so taking steps now to solve it is a good idea. 

2. How can I improve my erections?

Your urologist may suggest treatments such as ED pills or using a type of device known as Li-ESWT (either in their office or at-home). In some cases, they may suggest surgery. 

Lifestyle changes like making sure you’re getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, and losing weight also can lead to better sex. 

3. Why is my sex drive lower than normal?

There are a number of reasons for low sex drive. One of the biggest reasons is low testosterone levels. Normal levels of this hormone are important for libido, but they fall during aging.3 

You could also be tired, if you’re not getting enough sleep. Aim for seven to eight hours of shut-eye every night. 

Stress is another factor involved in low sex drive. It’s hard to concentrate on sex when you’re worried about work, family, or other problems.

4. Is my semen normal?

The normal color of semen is either cloudy white or gray. If the color is pink or red, visit your doctor. Red semen could be due to an infection or inflammation while pink ejaculate could be due to a broken blood vessel. Ejaculate that smells bad could mean an infection, and you should book a visit with your urologist. 

A normal amount of ejaculate is usually a quarter teaspoon to a rounded teaspoon. But as you age your semen volume often goes down. However, conditions like an enlarged prostate can lead to lower semen volume. 

5. Is it possible to break my penis?

The penis doesn’t contain any bones, but you can still experience a penile fracture while your penis is erect. This type of fracture happens during physical trauma to the penis, such as during sex if your partner comes down at the wrong angle. The part of the penis that can fracture is cylinder-shaped connective tissue.

A loud, painful snap followed by bruising and swelling will usually clue you in that your penis is fractured. It’s considered a surgical emergency, so seek help right away.