How to Increase Sexual Stamina with Exercise

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Does exercise increase sexual stamina? Read our guide on exercise and libido to find out how much exercise you need and what are the best types of exercise to boost sexual endurance.

Last Updated: 04/13/2023

Written by

Kimberly Wilkes

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Dr. Paul Thompson, M.D.

If you’re wondering how to increase stamina in bed without pills, one of the simplest ways is to make sure you’re getting enough physical exercise. 

A lot of research shows that exercise benefits many areas of health, including sexual stamina, which is why in part six of our 90-Day Challenge we’re going to take a deep dive into the topic of exercise and libido.  Our 90-Day Challenge encourages men to change one aspect of their lifestyle each week in order to enjoy a more satisfying sex life.  

Getting more exercise is not as difficult as you may think. There are some simple ways to incorporate more activity into your day, especially as you’re working your way up to a more ambitious and regular exercise routine.

Does Exercising Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Science shows that exercise is one of the best ways to increase sexual stamina. One group of researchers studied the effects of nine months of aerobic exercise in 78 sedentary but healthy men.1 The men exercised in supervised groups for an hour, an average of 3.5 days per week. 

Each man kept a diary of exercise, diet, smoking, and sexuality for the first and last months of the exercise program. Analysis of the diaries found that the exercise group experienced significant improvements including:

  • Having sex more often

  • Better sexual function

  • A higher number of satisfying orgasms

The more the men’s fitness levels improved, the better their sexual improvements. 

During another study of 22,086 men ages 40 to 75 followed for 14 years, the participants filled out periodic questionnaires about their health.2 The study found that men who ran for 1 ½ hours per week or performed three hours of vigorous outdoor work per week had a 20% reduced risk of developing sexual decline compared to men who didn’t exercise. 

The more the men exercised, the stronger the benefit. For example, men who ran for 2 ½ hours per week were 30% less likely to suffer from sexual decline compared to sedentary men. 

In this study, exercise wasn’t as protective against sexual decline in obese or overweight men. Regardless of the amount of exercise, men who were obese or overweight were more likely to experience sexual decline. 

Even so, regular exercise supports healthy blood sugar levels and boosts levels of a molecule known as nitric oxide, which is involved in sexual health. Exercise also improves circulation and heart health, two factors closely tied to sexual endurance.  

How Much Exercise Do You Need To Increase Sexual Stamina?

A review of 10 studies revealed the ideal amount of exercise needed to increase sexual endurance.3 Scientists reviewing the studies found that 40 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate-to-vigorous intensity at least four times per week over six months led to a reduced risk of sexual decline in men whose sexual decline was caused by lack of physical activity, obesity, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and/or cardiovascular diseases. 

The best bet for couch potatoes? If you haven’t been exercising much, start slow. Go for a walk after dinner every night or first thing in the morning. Start with just 10 minutes and eventually increase your time to 30 minutes daily. 

You can also use this time to connect with family and friends, unwind from the day, and relax. This has the added benefit of reducing your stress and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while at the same time promoting blood flow to your tissues, all good for better sexual health. 

Health Risks of Sedentary Behavior   

Not getting any exercise puts you at greater risk for health conditions associated with low sexual stamina. 

Being sedentary leads to weight gain and increased inflammation, which in turn lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression.4 All of these conditions promote sexual decline and low libido.  

The Best Exercise to Increase Libido

If your goal is to increase sexual stamina, any sort of physical activity is better than none. However, science shows that two types of activity will give you the best libido-boosting benefits. 

Resistance Training and Sexual Stamina

Resistance exercise is anything that creates resistance against gravity, whether you’re using your body weight, bands, or weights. For example, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, and using dumbbells and barbells, are all resistance exercises. This type of exercise is more about building your muscles than getting your heart rate up.   

Resistance training increases production of testosterone in men, a hormone linked to better sexual stamina.5 In addition, doing this type of exercise leads to feeling better about the way you look, which can contribute to better body image and libido.  

Aerobic Exercise and Sexual Stamina

Aerobic exercises like running, hiking, and swimming are all good choices for improving sexual function. A review of published studies found that aerobic exercise of moderate-to-vigorous intensity is the most effective at promoting sexual endurance compared to resistance exercise.6   

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

If you want to use exercise to enhance your libido, the key is not to overdo it. Using a questionnaire, researchers measured the effect of endurance exercise training on libido of healthy men.7 The men who trained at mid-range intensities were more likely to have normal or high libido compared to men who had trained at a high intensity. Training for a long period of time also was tied to decreased libido. Combining moderate exercise with Li-ESWT is an excellent way to support healthy sexual function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise and Libido

How do you increase sexual stamina in bed without pills?

One of the best ways to increase sexual stamina is exercise. Research shows that men who exercise are less likely to experience sexual decline compared to less active men. 

Exercise improves a lot of health factors that are also linked to sexual decline such as body weight, heart health, blood pressure, and blood sugar control. 

Research shows that 40 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate-to-vigorous intensity at least four times per week over six months can improve sexual function in men. Just don’t overdo it as research also shows that intense endurance training can decrease libido.

Does cardio make you last longer in bed?

Cardio exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, is one of the best ways to enhance sexual endurance. Men who participate in aerobic exercise have sex more often, better sexual function, and a higher number of satisfying orgasms.

According to a review of published studies, aerobic exercise of moderate-to-vigorous intensity was more effective at promoting sexual endurance compared to resistance exercise. As the name implies, cardio fitness improves cardiovascular health, which is tied to sexual endurance. 

How much should you exercise to increase sexual stamina?

If you haven’t been exercising much, start slow. Exercise for ten minutes a day then work your way up to what research suggests is the best way to boost sexual endurance: 40 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate to vigorous intensity four times per week. A review of published studies found that exercising 160 minutes per week for six months contributes to increased sexual stamina in men. 

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