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As men age, every part of their body ages. That includes sexual health, which has largely been ignored, until men reach a point where they can’t perform at all. The Phoenix solves this problem by working with the body to prevent sexual decline from occurring, and reverses existing decline.

How do you reverse sexual decline?

  • Before
    The Phoenix

    Previously, Li-ESWT treatments have only been available in a few doctors offices and clinics, costing thousands of dollars, and an awkward, uncomfortable experience.

  • After
    The Phoenix

    The Phoenix uses the same technology used by expensive in-clinic machines, but at a fraction of the cost, and can be performed in the privacy of home.

What is Li-ESWT?

Also referred to as soundwave therapy, shockwave therapy, and acoustic wave therapy.

How does Li-ESWT work?

The Phoenix’s internal collisions produce powerful sound waves that penetrate deep into the treated area, causing a favorable physiological response. Because powerful sound waves are required to be effective, The Phoenix is quite loud. Although powerful, our device is safe, as it locks in-between treatments to ensure men don’t over-treat themselves. No prescription is needed at this time.

How do I perform an Li-ESWT treatment?

Performing a treatment is easy. Just follow the guidance system along 5 lines of travel indicated by the blue pacing lights. Treatments take only 17 minutes. Phoenix users follow Dr. Thompson’s 120-Day Protocol, which means they perform 2 treatments per week for 30 days, then take 30 days off for recovery, and repeat. When it comes to Li-ESWT, recovery periods are just as critical as treatment periods.

Clinically studied & proven

According to our clinical study, most men experience a noticeable improvement in sexual performance. Because every man’s health profile is different, our device doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for most men.

"According to our own clinical study, most men reported improvement in sexual health."

Dr. Paul Thompson,

Working towards clearance & approval

Currently, The Phoenix is in the process of completing lab testing, which allows us to file a 510k. If accepted, The Phoenix will then become FDA cleared.

Trusted by experts

Meet our medical advisory board

  • Dr. Paul Thompson

    Urologist & Surgeon

    Dr. Thompson, a Missouri native, obtained his medical degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1981. He then completed his residency in urology...

  • Stephanie Wolff, PA-C

    Stephanie is the nation’s leading sexual wellness expert, the co-founder of Launch Medical, co-inventor of The Phoenix, a Board Certified Sexual Wellness Specialist, Hormone Expert, and Peptide...

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