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Scientifically proven home technology approved by Dr. Paul Thompson, a pioneer in urology for more than 30 years.

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7 treatments in and Don has saved $1,000s on a treatment that actually works.

Charlie is getting stunning results at 68-years-old after just 6 treatments.

Nothing worked for Tim until 2 treatments with The Phoenix.

The nightmare is over for Nick, who quietly suffered with sexual decline for over 8 years.

The Phoenix is trusted by doctors, major men’s health publications, and 55,000+ men all over America.

  • Endorsed by the largest network of clinics in America
  • Featured in Maxim, Men's Journal, and Forbes
  • Millions of recorded treatments and golden review after review prove it works

Just 6 sessions in and Eric’s life has changed forever.

His urologist was shocked at the difference.

Tim R. “feels 20 years old again” after 4 treatments.

Jim’s wife has noticed a difference after 15 treatments.

Sexual decline is an uphill battle men can’t win alone.

Finally, men can own Li-ESWT technology with The Phoenix. Doctors have used Li-ESWT technology in clinics for over a decade.

Why haven’t you heard of Li-ESWT? Actually, you probably have. There’s a reason why clinics are now advertising this type of therapy on the radio, TV, and online. It’s a powerful, safe, and effective treatment.

Now, home treatments are easy and affordable with The Phoenix. Treatments take only 17 minutes.

Gary is 5 treatments in and hasn’t seen this level of performance in 20 years.

It worked for Joe after just 4 treatments.

Martin is in his 60s and he is flat-out blown away.

A world of difference after just 2 treatments.

Finally, men can get clinical grade treatments in the privacy of home, for a fraction of the price.

Watch how The Phoenix compares to an in-clinic device.

Now 55,000+ men save over $34,000 on proven treatments, without a prescription.

  • In-Clinic Treatments

    $500 per session


  • The Phoenix

    $12.56 per session

    $879 (/mo with 0% financing for those who qualify)

  • You Save

    $487.44 per session

    $34,121 Total

*The Phoenix is designed to last 70 sessions over the lifetime of the device.

Everyday men, trusted sources, and experts all across America say the same thing -
The Phoenix is life-changing.

  • “Impressive results! It’s like I’m 17 all over again. That’s just from 6 treatments!”

    Mark C, verified customer

  • "I'm 56 and was very skeptical. I started seeing improvement after a week, and it keeps getting better."

    Steve P, verified customer

  • "...optimize performance in the bedroom."

    Men's Journal

  • "The next billion dollar product"


  • "...an absolute gamechanger"


  • "The Phoenix produces a very noticeable difference, even if things already work great."

    Dave Asprey, the Godfather of Biohacking

  • "The Phoenix provides a scientifically validated treatment that is natural and effective."

    Caitlin V, renowned Intimacy and Relationship Coach

Get the only legitimate option.

The Phoenix is the only home technology that delivers the same clinic grade treatments for $34,000+ less after 70 sessions. Patented technology delivers the same Li-ESWT treatment provided by doctors for more than a decade.

Men are standing at a crossroads.

  • Road #1

    Road #1 is expensive and takes many inconvenient trips to the clinics.

  • Road #2

    Road #2 leads to affordable and convenient treatments at home with The Phoenix.

Official Inventory Update 04/10/2023:
Due to mass media coverage in publications like Maxim, Men’s Journal, and Forbes, devices are severely limited.


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