Why do I need this thing?

Guys have softer erections as they grow older

It’s a natural part of aging. Until now, guys had to wait until they had a problem. The Phoenix allows men to be proactive and turn back the clock if they’ve already noticed a change.

How do I use The Phoenix?

Performing treatments at home with The Phoenix is safe and easy.

The tip of the Phoenix is placed directly against the shaft of the penis and moved back and forth along 5 specific lines of travel according to a treatment protocol created by doctors who are experts in the field.

Guided Treatments

Proprietary guidance software built-in which walks the user through every step of a treatment.

Lockout Mechanism

Safely perform clinical-grade treatment, without the risk of overtreatment, due to a built-in lockout feature

Custom Protocols

Your device ships with an easy-to-follow protocol tailored to your concern or specific goal

17 Minutes

Each treatment only takes 17 minutes, twice per week, continued until desired results are achieved.

When will I see results?

Li-ESWT (acoustic wave therapy) is not an overnight fix. Just like working out, results are achieved with consistent treatments per week for 30 days, followed by 30 days off (repeat as needed).

Most men notice improvement within 60-120 days of getting started, while many notice benefits much sooner. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you can continue treatments as needed to maintain peak performance.

Week 1-4
Plaque safely
Week 4-8
Critical rest phase to trigger angiogenesis
Week 8-12
New blood vessels begin to form
Week 12+
Most guys experience significant improvement

The Phoenix is the only Li-ESWT device I trust for my patients who want the same results, without repeated trips to a clinic.

Dr. Paul Thompson


Am I a good candidate for The Phoenix?

Our proprietary quiz will quickly assess your ability to experience results with The Phoenix.

Frequently Asked Questions

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