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Scrotox: Procedure, Cost, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Scrotox is exactly what it sounds like: botulinum toxin (type A) injections into male patients' scrotum. The scrotum is the skin bag that keeps your testicles in place.

Last Updated: 12/13/2022

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Eric Ridenour

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Dr. Paul Thompson, M.D.

I don't think I am alone in first hearing about getting your balls injected on a Dave Chappelle special. However, botox injected testicles have been gaining popularity in recent years, not just in Beverly Hills!

"I'm getting Botox done on my balls to get these wrinkles out. Finally, to have these just as smooth as eggs. Oh, I can't wait. I cannot wait. And I'm not stopping there. That's just phase one, baby. I'd be like Bob Vila, these old balls, I'm fixing them up."

He said it, not me.

Scrotox is exactly what it sounds like: botulinum toxin (type A) injections into male patients' scrotum. The scrotum is the skin bag that keeps your testicles in place.

Scrotox was a procedure first used to treat scrotum discomfort from some other impairment if the surgery did not fix the problem. Since around 2016, an increasing number of ball faring folk have been trying to (allegedly) increase the size of their sacs and improve their sex.

What is Scrotox?

Simply put, it is botox for the scrotum has been approved to make the balls as smooth as a water balloon wrapped in silk, used initially to reduce scrotal pain in people who had not received an invasive procedure in their lives. Results are seen within a week of treatment and last three to four months.

Why Scrotox (Scrotal relaxation with injecting BOTOX)?

Some men prefer lower-hanging fruit and a more relaxed scrotum for cosmetic reasons. Botox injections cause relaxation of cremaster muscles (the muscle that helps move the testicle up and down for temperature regulation) and the dartos muscle. In this area, botox can paralyze these muscles and significantly decrease the scrotum and testis over the entire surface. 

The result is smoother balls as a cosmetic feature. A side benefit is a closer shave for those who shave their balls, therefore, they are less likely to knick your sack.

However, there is a legitimate medical benefit as well. Scrotox began as strictly a medical therapy to reduce discomfort in the scrotum caused by inflammation. 

According to research, it has a primary benefit as a treatment for those with chronic (long-term) discomfort that does not respond to therapy on the spermatic cord or enlarged scrotum veins.

Who uses Scrotox?

Scrotox has different benefits. Most patients requiring these services are in their 20s-30s. Such services are also frequently needed to reduce excessive sweating and wrinkles. Some elements enhance sexual activity, since Scrotox can increase sensitivity and psychological benefits such as improved confidence.

Scrotox Procedure and cost

The treatment is applied to the scrotum, where the male patients' testicles are covered in topical anesthetic creams. The scrotal area is inhaled, and anesthesia is administered to the scrotum. The symptoms are minor. Scrotox injections take just 30 minutes. Patients can work again without downtime with little or no testicular pain within a few hours. Scrotox effects usually last three to four months, so the tradeoff is entirely subjective.

The scrotox procedure costs at least $500 every operation. When you factor in three to four procedures for regular botox injections, the resulting cost can be over $2,000 per year. The price will vary depending on your provider, mainly if they operate a prominent practice or are a particularly accomplished doctor or surgeon. Most insurance companies do not support Scrotox for aesthetic purposes; instead, it is only covered for persistent diseases that cause discomfort or other complaints.

What happens when getting Scrotox treatment?

While scrotox involves needles, the procedures are, in fact, relatively painless and simple. Initially, a numbing cream was placed on the genitals, and then a gentle treatment with Botox. This injection is placed into the skin rather than the testicles to absorb into the nerves in the particular areas in the test. Usually, the patient is surprised at how quickly the injection has been administered. While the whole process is roughly half an hour, the actual treatment usually takes 2-5 minutes.

The surgery is painless and involves using topicals to numb areas. A few tiny injections are also done with minimal discomfort through a fine needle in the testicles' skin (not in sacs). 

If curiosity is your primary motivation for giving it a go, then remember, the results are temporary.

Recovery and results

There's low downtime for Skrotox. Initially, the patient can start his typical working day immediately, but avoid heavy lifting and sexual contact for several hours is recommended. Testicular botox injections have rare side effects that temporarily cause testicular pain. 

When it comes time for you to talk to your doctor about the possible side effects, please see your doctor. Scrotox produces a symptom at least one week before treatment and lasts three to four months.

How long does it last?

Typically, the effect lasts about four months compared to the regular botox injection.

Are there drawbacks?

Is your testosterone high? One study in rats warns that having children can temporarily reduce sperm function and count. Your testicles contract to regulate the temperature. Scrotox reduces the length of your testicles and may increase their size. Some common complications include:

  • Numbness

  • Swelling

  • Bruise in the vicinity of the injection location

  • Scrotum tightening sensation

  • Decreased sperm count

  • Pain in the scrotum ranges from mild to severe

If you face abnormal amounts of pain or other discomforts, you will want to return to the doctor for a checkup.

Scrotox Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scrotox plastic surgery?

Scrotox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses injections of the muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin type A to improve the appearance and feel of the scrotum.

Will Scrotox make my balls bigger?

Many people do get scrotox to increase ball size, but this result is not guaranteed.

Can scrotox improve my sex life?

It is possible that the treatment can boost sexual activity in male patients. This is especially true if your partner enjoys your balls. The procedure will reduce wrinkles, decrease sweating, and occasionally increase sensitivity.