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Reduced blood flow is the number cause of erectile dysfunction. The Phoenix is the only product on the market that restores blood flow with clinically proven technology. No pills, appointments, or hassle.

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Every man will deal with these problems.


of men will experience a reduction in blood flow as they age


of men will experience ED by their 40th birthday


of men who used The Phoenix reported noticeable improvement in erection quality

The Phoenix is the safest solution to problems impacting millions of men.

Revolutionizing men’s sexual health care by making clinical quality treatments available at-home for the first time ever.

Clinically Studied Li-ESWT

Li-ESWT, the technology used by The Phoenix has over 40 clinical studies behind it, proving safety and efficacy.

No Side Effects

There are no reported side effects or downtime when using The Phoenix, unlike other treatment options.

Safe & Effective

Non-invasive acoustic waves are administered through gentle contact with the skin. No needles, no insertion, no problems.

93% Success Rate

The therapy provided by The Phoenix has been around for decades and proven effective in dozens of clinical studies.

Here’s how it works

Just 2 easy treatments per week is all it takes to restore blood flow.


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Performing treatments at home is safe, easy, and only requires 20 minutes, twice a week.


Repair and Recover

Powerful sound waves penetrate the tissue of the penis to dissolve plaque and foster angiogenesis, the growth of healthy new blood vessels.


Experience Results

Depending on your current condition, most guys experience noticeable improvement in 90-120 days, while some experience results much sooner.

Explore the technology

The Phoenix delivers the same Li-ESWT used in-clinic by thousands of doctors around the world.



Clinical grade technology

See how The Phoenix stacks up to in-clinic Li-ESWT treatments.

40+ Clinical Studies

Li-ESWT has over 40 clinical studies proving efficacy.

Decades of Success

Li-ESWT has been used for decades in clinics. Now it’s available at home.

Trusted by doctors and experts

“My patients experience amazing results in my clinic with acoustic wave therapy, but repeatedly traveling to a clinic is a hassle. Now that the same treatment is available at home - treatments are more consistent and results are even better.”

Dr. Paul Thompson

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